Mark Bernet

MOBE (Updated 2/1/2018)

Mark J. Bernet, Receiver

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  • MobeProcessing.com, Inc. (US)
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  • Transaction Management USA, Inc. (US)
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Tampa, Florida
February 1, 2019

There have been a few developments over the past month or so:

Russell W. Whitney, Jr. The Defendant Russell Whitney died on November 20, 2018. At the time, he had been negotiating a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission; after his death, his heirs continued the negotiation and reached a tentative settlement. However, Mr. Whitney's affairs will need to be addressed by a probate court in Florida state court. Mr. Whitney's attorneys are in the process of setting up the probate estate. The details of the settlement will be announced when completed.

Susan Zanghi. Separately, Judge Dalton approved a settlement between the Defendant Susan Zanghi and the FTC, under an order entered by Judge Dalton on December 20, 2018. Under the settlement, Ms. Zanghi is permanently enjoined from participating in any Business Coaching Program or any Investment Opportunity (the term "Business Opportunity" is broadly defined to mean anything "offered for sale … based wholly or in part on representations, either express or implied, about past, present, or future income, profit, or appreciation"). Also, Judge Dalton entered a money judgment against Ms. Zanghi for $318,512,336.00. She was required to pay $33,400.00, which represented all of the cash she had in her possession or control. So long as her representation concerning her finances were truthful, the remaining portion of the judgment is suspended. Ms. Zanghi paid the $33,400.00 to the Receiver. She is required to submit a report to the FTC annually, disclosing certain information concerning her activities, and she also is required to notify the FTC if any of the information contained in her reports changes. You can read Judge Dalton's order approving the settlement by clicking this link.

IRS Form 1099s. International Payout Systems, Inc. and Guardian Escrow Corp. historically prepared and transmitted MOBE's IRS form 1099s to MOBE affiliates, and it has agreed to do so for 2018. According to its attorneys, the 1099s were e-mailed to all affiliates on January 28, 2019. International Payout Systems and Guardian Escrow have refused to provide copies of the 1099s to the Receiver, and so if you have questions concerning your 1099, you should contact them directly.

Funds Collected. Linked here are spreadsheets showing activity in the receivership bank accounts through December 31, 2018. The Receiver is actively working to collect additional funds. Details will be provided as appropriate.